Past Happenings

Fifth Annual Valencia Fun Day Event

Valencia County

It's time for the annual salute to Valencia County with Suz55tbird's legendary event. Put this on your calendar and plan to have fun. If you only visit Valencia county once a year, this is the day. Show up at 9am for event day info and instructions.

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Hiding Out in Roswell

Snazzy Pig - Roswell

Twas the night before Roswell That Ends Well and all the little piggies are far from home. Join the Roswellians for a most unusual challenge, some good food and even better company. 6-8 pm alien time.

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Roswell that Ends Well Event

Loveless Park - Roswell

The resident aliens have been nudged to let us join them once again for a blowout event in the state's southeast corner. Plan to be there at 9am for some serious schmoozing to be followed by a hunt sure to be full of well-done caches. Not to be missed as these folks can throw one heck of a party. Rumor has it that at least one alien had such a good time last year that he missed the return to the mothership and has been living in a large cache..

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Recent Events:


Fifty for 50

South Valley - Albq


Sam & Shelley AKA Jam&jhelley, family and friends hosted and enjoyed the best birthday party in memory. Plenty of new caches, a hunt for purple things and pennies, gifts for almost everyone and fantastic food made for a great day for all. A late evening rain helped those of us that would stay forever decide to call it quits and give Shelley, Sam and family some much needed rest. Thanks for a great time and thanks for the contribution to keep this site going!!



The Santa Fe 400th Anniversary

The Railyard - Santa Fe


As with all Reynolds Clan events, this was a unique experience and a lot of fun. Those who rode the train had an added pleasure and the compact tour of the Railyard area that could be done on foot was a nice twist. The short timeframe (about 3 hours) allowed cachers to continue caching in Santa Fe or just have a brief caching fix and do other things they needed to do. When the bears throw a party, it should be a must-do.

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NMSP 75th Diamond Anniversary Series Wrap Up

  Rio Rancho


NMCachers and the New Mexico State Parks hosted an awards ceremony and wrap up meet at Turtle Mountain Brewpub in Rio Rancho Saturday, January 10th.

Dave Simon, director of NM State Parks did a fantastic awards ceremony complete with pictures, quotes and anecdotes. CatWoman (Catherine), Hartman (Gregory), tealeaf (Maere) and the better half of Bob8bear (Wrenee) did great jobs giving out prizes for best story, best picture and congratulating all that took part. Our thanks go out to NMSP and Mr. Simon for much hard work and graciousness under fire. Great job to all involved!


Winter CITO 12 Freezing Our Bags Off



Mattarms1978 hosted a great CITO. Coffee and doughnuts were great, we had a large turnout and the weather was perfect. There were some great caches introduced so those who work got a head start for FTFs. Thanks to all, see you in April. Yes, you!

A big thanks goes out to Ryan of CowlesCachers for making our stretch of highway a reality.


I <3 Events!

Cottonwood Mall - ALBQ


uuesley and bob8bear hosted a fantastic meet & greet on Valentines Day, at the Cottonwood Mall food court. The turnout was beyond imagination - at least 75, probably more. Bob8bear provided pink heart shaped nametags, red roses and heart pencils 'til they ran out. Cyclegreen was honored for 5,000+ caches with a Kelly green ammo can full of goodies and log already signed by a multitude of friends. Congrats Sue and thanks as always to the Reynolds clan for yet another fantastic event.

Pictures are in the Gallery HERE and if you have more, add 'em.



 Albuquerque area


Team Tuxawuxa, tealeaf & av8ndv8 hosted a huge geocaching hunt and event Saturday May 2nd with 30 caches, a meet 'n greet and awards. There were lots of teams participating, lots of cache finds and some fantastic prizes, mostly courtesy of Tux. Thanks to all who came!

Picture © Groundspeak


Cross-Country Meet & Greet: New Mexico



 Pennsylvania cachers Rev Mike, Evil Benchmark Hater, and Big Chief1 hosted a meet 'n greet at Kelly's brewpub, Thursday, May 7th. There were 20+ people that attended and all had a great time swapping stories and having a beer or three. Great meeting you guys!


Santa Fe's Second Annual Summer Kick-Off

 Santa Fe


The Reynolds Clan hosted the 2nd Santa Fe Annual Summer Kick-off event on Saturday, May 16th. There were over 40 new caches placed for the event and lots of great food plus the usual lie swapping. There was a great turn-out in spite of the cool, windy weather and all had a great time. Thanks for all the hard work!


 7th Annual Portales Heritage Days GeoCaching Event



 Doug Lynch and crew hosted another blow-out event with 134 people attending! Goodies and great food were in abundance as always and all had a fantastic time.


 An Albuquerque Welcome



Zenguru hosted an event to welcome out-of-towners from Michigan, Nava Scotia and Pennsylvania. It was great meeting you all, we'll have to do it again.



Oak Flat Picnic grounds - East Mountains, Albq.


Weatherbug & XRN and RioNaiad are hosting a pot luck meet & greet on Saturday, Sept. 19th from noon 'til 2 to say goodbye to Summer and hello to fall. Grills will be furnished and you're asked to bring something for the meal. Check the web page for all the details. Sounds like fun and new caches too!

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3rd Annual Open Space Geocaching Event

ABQ west side

Once again we're working with the team from Albuquerque Open Space. This event is particularly good for newbies. You never know how much fun it can be to clean up and area when you're in good company.

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Coffee And...?

Old Town ABQ

Come join your fellow cachers with this breakfast/brunch fest during
Balloon Fiesta week. Take advantage of this opportunity to share what we love about Albuquerque with our out-of-town guests. Be there bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at 10:30am

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The Old Town Flash Mob Event

Old Town. ABQ

Our second Flash Mob event will be in Old Town. For those who are
time-challenged, this is almost a park n grab event. You can also combine it with the earlier Coffee and Sax event nearby. Don't miss this chance to confuse muggles more than you usually do. Plan to arrive around 12:30; the "flash" will be at 1pm.

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  Team Tuxawuxa hosted our 7th quarterly CITO event in grand style! Coffee &  Donuts for everyone and 5 new caches, each with a new 2007 NM Geocoin for  some lucky finder. The cold wind didn't dampen anyone's spirit and our stretch  of  I-25 looks great. Thanks to all the regulars and to our first-timers. The wind's  not normally that bad, really!

 A big thanks goes out to Ryan of CowlesCachers for making our stretch of  highway a reality.


"Do Aliens Geocache?" MEET and GREET



 Frog Dog and Corker and Mermaid&HornyToad hosted one heck of an event, one of the best we've attended. About 50 people from around the state attended and were met with plenty of munchies, a sneaky cache hunt inside the event room, lots of great prizes and almost 30 new caches. All the SE New Mexico cachers are great folks that hide some mean caches! Great job, all of you. When can we expect the Alien 2 event?

I'm working on getting a photo album working and D. Lynch sent some pictures from the event so, rough as it is, check out the event in our new gallery......

The NMG photo gallery

3rd Annual Wassail or Whatever



 albuquerquebill hosted his 3rd Christmas meet 'n greet at Kelly's brewpub  Friday, December 21st. The crowd was smaller due to weather but we got to   know other cachers more than ever so it was a resounding success. A group beer brewing was planned with results sometime around the end of January. Thanks Bill and Fran!!


Pictures in the NMG photo gallery!


Southvalley Open House

 Albuquerque South valley


 Jam&JHelley hosted their not-to-be (last?) Christmas open house Sunday,  December 23rd. Plenty of geocachers, family and neighbors showed up to have a  great time. There was food and conversation aplenty inside and a great  gathering around the bonfire outside. With a little prodding and some help, we  want to make this happen again next year! Thanks for a great gathering and a perfect Christmas party.

See plenty of pictures in our photo gallery event section!



  We knee'd to meet & greet!

 Santa Fe


 Team Donutdog hosted a Meet & Greet Wednesday, Jan. 23rd at  Whole  Hog Cafe. The owner is wonderful, giving us our own private roon  and  just opened a restaurant in Albq!! There were a lot of us old timers and  two new geocaching couples that just moved to NM. WELCOME!!  LittleAmerica & MouserNerdboy finally occupied the same room at the same time. Wrenee unveiled the first finished quilt from her Quilting -Quilting cache. Great job!

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CITO VIII Great 2008



 Jam&Jhelley hosted our 8th quarterly CITO event Saturday, January 26th in grand  style. Coffee, cocoa & donuts for everyone and new caches to find all over the  area. 30 or so people showed up, some never before seen at a CITO event and  our area was cleaned up in record time. There were lots of "Happy Birthday"  balloons and a singing fritter to celebrate Wrenee's (bob8bear) 29th birthday.  Thanks to all!

 A big thanks goes out to Ryan of CowlesCachers for making our stretch of  highway a reality.


1st Annual NMGeocaching Travel Bug Workshop



 The Justice League of NM hosted a Travel Bug workshop in Albuquerque Sunday, May 20th. There were 50 people or more enjoying the event and the great conversations. Many creative travel bugs were crafted and a great time was had by all. Many thanks to Ron for all his hard work!


 Santa Fe Cachers Go Hog Wild

 Santa Fe


 Team Donutdog hosted a Meet & Eat in Santa Fe Wednesday, May  23rd  at the Whole Hog Cafe.  There was a team  assault on HartMan- CatWoman's new night cache afterwards. About 20 cachers attended and enjoyed great company, food and refreshments.


The pride of Geocaching

 Las Cruces


 Aberwak hosted a meet & greet in Las Cruces Saturday, June 2nd at New Mexico State University's Pride Field. About 20 people attended to share tales, find new caches and participate in a raffle. Thanks Aberwak!

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 Santa Fe River Festival CITO

 Santa Fe


 Team Donutdog hosted A CITO event Saturday, June 2 in conjunction with the Santa Fe River Festival.  

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GeoCachers Gone Wild at the Oasis



 Doug Lynch hosted the 5th annual Portales Heritage Days GeoCaching Event in Portales at The Oasis State Park. About 125 people were in attendance and as usual, there were plenty of games and prizes. A great time was had by all! Thanks Doug!


Team Donutdog hosted Cachers, Chow and Chicken Killer at the Santa Fe Brewing Company 3.10.07. About 75 people attended and a great time was had by all. Prizes were awarded, upcoming events were announced and lots of new friends were made. Thanks for all the work, Jaime!

Here are a few pictures!


Suz55tbird hosted the quarterly CITO event Sunday, Jan. 21st.

Over 20 people participated and we were done in an hour. Thanks to all for the help. Our stretch of I-25 looks nice!

      We have pictures!


Tealeaf & av8ndv8 hosted the CITO event on our mile of I-25 at Rio Bravo on Saturday, Oct. 21st at 8am. A nice crowd showed up and all had a great time. There were five new caches unveiled.

  We got pictures


Thanks to Ryan of CowlesCachers, NM geocachers have signs along I-25 near Rio Bravo attesting to our desire to keep the environment clean. We've adpoted a one mile stretch of highway and will be having CITO events four times a year.


2nd Annual Valencia Fun Day


Suz55tbird and the Valencia County gang hosted a great weekend of eats, greets and caching. Attendance was well over 100 and a good time was had by all.

Click here for pictures


Balloon Caching


Cachers Ballooner, Pegster&JustBob and Fpapasmurf placed
Red Rocks & Hot Air, the first NM cache to be placed from a hot air balloon. The cache page tells the tale!

The cache was placed during the 25th annual Red Rock balloon rally at Red Rocks State Park. The .50 cal ammo box is accessible by foot with a 2.5 difficulty.

The Red Rocks are a spectacular area of wind-sculpted sandstone just north of I-40 about 20 miles east of Gallup.


  Pork and Pobah



 Tealeaf hosted a Meet & Greet Sunday, Mar. 2nd at  the new  Whole  Hog Cafe in Albq. The turnout was outstanding, a few newcomers were warmly welcomed, Pobah was greeted and grilled and Zuni Kid was presented a surprise gold ammo box filled with goodies. Congratulations on your 5,000th!


 F is for Friends Having Fun

 Las Cruces


 Aberwak hosted a potluck Meet & Greet at the "A" mountain parking area. There was a huge turnout and many new cachers were in attendance. The food was great, the company was outstanding and the wind made an unwelcome visit making the finish a sprint to grab things before they went to the next county. Great job, looking forward to the next one!


Annual - Readwest - Geocache Challenge in Rio Rancho!

 Rio Rancho


 Boldly Broken hosted the third Annual - Readwest - Geocache Challenge in Rio Rancho on Saturday, April 12th. Evidently the event was a success as one of our members came out ahead. Onward to next year I guess...


April 2008 CITO Event - Potluck?



 RCAC07 hostied our 9th quarterly CITO event Saturday, April 19th on a fantastic morning. They had a spread of refreshments and treats and a computer and printer to print cache pages on the spot! Great job you guys. We had over 20 people show up and had our mile clean in about an hour. About 21 new caches were released in the "pot Luck".

 A big thanks goes out to Ryan of CowlesCachers for making our stretch of  highway a reality.


 6th Annual Portales Event



 Doug Lynch hosted the 6th annual Portales Event "Cachers R Us 2008" in  Portales at The Oasis State Park. The theme of the event was Scrabble with the teams grabbing letters from lots of temporary caches in order to spell the longest official English word. The winning word was 24 letters!! The eats were great as always, lots of prizes were awarded and all had a blast. Everyone left with a beautiful, multi-pocketed backpack courtesy of Doug. DO NOT miss this one next year and register early! Fantastic job Doug, thanks from all of us.


Summer CITO Fun!



 WeatherBug & XRN hosted our quarterly highway cleanup and did a great job with plenty of refreshments and snacks. A large turnout made quick work of the CITO part, leaving plenty of time to shoot the breeze. Thanks to ZenGuru for volunteering to host the next one.

 A big thanks goes out to Ryan of CowlesCachers for making our stretch of  highway a reality.


FoCoGeo Summer Event



FoCoGeo including Kingbee hosted the FoCoGeo Summer Event Saturday, July 26th. Wow! What a great turnout and organization. There were plenty of caches close by to find, lots of good food and plenty of stories told. Great job guys, can't wait 'til next year. (hint)


NM State Parks 75th Anniversary Series


 Through 12.31.2008

 The State Park system in conjunction with NMGeocachers have placed  a cache in each of the 34 state parks. There will be prizes for all that  finish the series plus prizes for best photos and stories.. It is not a  race, go slow and enjoy the magnificent  scenery!

News older than new..

The logo contest is over and Dino Hunters from Alberta, Canada won by a wide margin. Thanks for a great job everyone!


KKOB TV news story from July '05 about geocaching. See anybody you know? Thanks to mb3 (7mb download)

KOB news story


The Justice League of NM is interviewing cachers from around NM in our new Meet A NM Cacher column.

Click here!


Come visit our new Geocoin forum hosted by The Justice League of NM

Click here!


Working on lists of NM caches......... newest, oldest, not found, oldest log. Meantime, here's a teaser....

The 20 oldest caches

The almost 20 oldest finds


Our first caching adventure by Randy R

Altura Adventure




 Pancakes with Pobah



 Tealeaf hosted an early morning Meet 'n Greet April 1st. There was a large contingent from Denver, many NM cachers and even a new cache to be claimed. A great time was had by all, even though it was 7 AM. Pictures are here.


  CITO 2007 - One Year Later



  CowlesCachers hosted our one year anniversary CITO event at I-25 and Rio  Bravo in Albuquerque Saturday, April 14th. The event is dedicated to our good  friend and fellow cacher Mouser who contributed so much to our cause. We'll miss you...

A big thanks also goes out to Ryan of CowlesCachers for making our stretch of highway a reality.

 Yawr! A Pirate's Life for Me (SFe Meet & Greet)

 Santa Fe


  Team Donutdog & HartMan-CatWoman Team hosted an outdoor Pirate themed  meet & greet in Santa Fe, Tuesday, July 17th that lasted past dark. There was a  Jolly Roger flying from the  hilltop and a treasure chest full o' booty. 15 scaliwags and 4  pooches attended and only one sword fight resulted from all the activities and swill.


 CITO VI for a Hot Time!



  Cyclegreen hosted our Sixth CITO event at I-25 and Rio  Bravo in Albuquerque, Sunday, July 22nd. We had 15 show up and work was done in less than 90 minutes, followed by a good half hour of chatting. We even had a Floridian, TinSparrow pitch in. The best part was getting to know new people and catching up with old friends. Tealeaf passed out coords to three new caches that will soon be published. The FTFs have been claimed already. Thanks all!

A big thanks to Ryan of CowlesCachers for making our stretch of highway a reality. See you there!


 We Should....We Should? WE SHOULD!



Anne Bonney hosted a great meet & greet in Belen, Sunday, July 29th at The  Rail Cafe. There was great food, lots of stories swapped and two caches within walking distance. Check the event site for pictures of all the participants.


 Heron to El Vado Cache Encantado

 Heron Lake State Park


  Jam&Jhelley and dlcpacman hosted an all day  meet & greet in Heron  Lake  State Park, Saturday, August 25th. There were 20 new permanent caches,  contests and barbeque afterwards. Both Heron and El Vado lakes state parks are participating and are waiving the daily use fee for the day. Camping is available, check the cache page. This event was a huge success even though turnout was small. The eleven or so groups vied to find twenty permanent caches placed around the lakes. Lots of prizes were awarded, lots of great conversation took place and the grilled dinner was fantastic! Thanks for all you guy's hard work. Can't wait 'til next year.


Mama's Coin Discovery & Swap Pot Luck

  Rio Rancho


WhiskersandMama hosted a huge potluck with lots coins to discover, trade and buy with plenty of ways to pass time Saturday, Sept. 8th, 6PM 'til... at a park on the westside I can't name. There was a great turnout, lots of great food, a few new faces and plenty of lies to swap. Great job!


  Dinner at Harla May's



NMGeocaching hosted a Meet 'n Greet Friday, Sept. 21st at Harla May's Grill in Belen. The ambiance could have been better but you live and learn. Thanks all for coming!


Third Annual Valencia Fun Day



Suz55tbird and the Valencia County gang plus the Girl Scouts put on another fantastic caching event. There were 21 new, permanent caches to be found, some with playing cards that were used for poker hands afterwards. I think the cards needed to be more opaque, we had hands of 4 aces and 4 kings turned up. Hmmm... Regardless, everyone had a great time and the few that stayed for GPS the movie got a wonderful evening to enjoy it.

Click here for more information!


 1st ever Albuquerque Open Space Geocaching Event



Albuquerque by Marblestreet Studios

  • Albuquerque Open Space and ezsemlye hosted a sanctioned geocaching event Saturday, Sept. 29th at the Elena Gallegos Picnic Area in Albuquerque. A large crowd attended and had a great time. There were lots of newbies and quite a few old timers in attendance. Lots of great prizes (including a new Garmin Legend HC), mostly courtesy of REI were awarded. Twenty new caches were placed and are being published now. Let's hope Erik and all the Albq. Open Space folks do this again soon. Great job, all of you!

 What I Did on My Summer Vacation (LCC-SF Finale!)

 Santa Fe


Team Donutdog hosted a great Meet & Greet Wednesday, Oct. 3rd at the Santa Fe Brewing Co. There was a nice turnout with a few new cachers to the area and lots of tales were told. Great prizes were presented to littleamerica and geomanda for winning the highly successful Lonely Cahe Club of Santa Fe.



 Meet, Greet, and Eat at Camp May

 Los Alamos


  Mouser Williams and Mesa Mike hosted a fantastic BBQ & pot  luck meet 'n greet Sunday, Oct. 14th at Camp May. There were  half a dozen new caches to find and lots of yummy eats! The  weather turned chilly and all appreciated the huge fireplace. Click here to   learn all about Los Alamos.



 WWFM Event, New Mexico



 Suz55tbird hosted NM's first annual Worldwide Flash Mob event, a  simultaneous collection of fifteen-minute events at different spots on  the earth Saturday, May 10th at the  new Uptown shops,  near  the traffic circle The group struck various poses and stayed motionless for five minutes. The photo gallery album is here.


Santa Fe's Summer Kick Off

 Santa Fe


 The Reynolds clan hosted one heck of an event with about 20 new caches revealed. About 40 people showed up and all had a great time shooting the breeze, eating brisket and finding new caches. Way to go!!



 Yes! Aliens Do Geocache!



 Frog Dog and Corker and Mermaid&HornyToad hosted another  excellent event in Roswell on May 31. About 75 cachers showed up, some from Texas, Oklahoma and Colorado. 23 new, permanent caches were placed and one heck of a dinner was cooked by Frog Dog and HornyToad with Corker and Mermaid cooking up some good grub. The Portales and Valencia events are getting some strong competition!


Portales Meet & Greet



Bobkatz hosted a Meet & Greet Friday, June 20th from 7 to 10 PM at the Pizza Hut in Portales. A huge crowd showed up and almost overwhelmed the staff. Later they said we made their day and hope we'll come back next year. Great job guys!



Fourth Annual Valencia Fun Day

  Valencia County


Suz55tbird hosted another home run event at Willie Chavez Park in Belen. There were 27 new caches and a couple of folks found them all! There were great prizes, great food courtesy of U-Turn and eveyone's potluck goodies. We even did a night cache en masse and had a ball. Looking forward to next year!


 2nd Annual Open Space Geocaching Event



The Open Space folks did a great job as usual giving us 16 caches to find wandering around the bosque on a beautiful day. Thanks for doing such a great job. We're looking forward to next year's event.





 WarrenGSr hosted what has to be one of the most unique and fun event in a long time. There were caches, there were clues to find, there was rain and mud and wind. There were great prizes and great food. Even though we were wandering around during a tornado warning for a while and tornado watches most of the day, I think everyone had a great time. Thanks, Warren. Hope you'll do it again next year.


Fall CITO Crawl



 ZenGuru hosted the Fall CITO in wonderful weather. There was a nice turnout with a few new faces and a head start on some new caches were passed out to all who participated. Thanks all!

 A big thanks goes out to Ryan of CowlesCachers for making our stretch of  highway a reality.



2008 BLM Picacho Peak Cito

 Las Cruces area


 Mr. Waldo hosted the first terrain 3 CITO I've seen. You guys are tough down there. Hope you had a great turnout and had a great day. Good job!


4th Annual Wassail or Whatever



 albuquerquebill hosted his 4th Christmas meet 'n greet at Kelly's brewpub and everybody had a great time. There was a great turnout of old timers and a refreshing bunch of new cachers who's names we see a lot lately. Great job, Bill! You can see pictures and add your own in our photo gallery's event section.
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