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Getting Started
It seems as though you've called this script from an outside source without a code to check. We'll present you with instructions.

This script is used to check coordinates solutions, generally from a puzzle cache. The user is presented with a link. In this link is some encoded information. The user follows the link to this script and enters the coordinates into the boxes presented. The script tells the user if the coordinates entered match the code in the link.

Note: this version only processes coordinates in the North and West direction, i.e. North America.

Usage for Cache Owner
The cache owner enters the cache name, waypoint, and coordinates that will need checked in the boxes below. Press the button. The next page will present the owner with the HTML code for a hyper link to be inserted into the cache description. It's important to keep the HTML code intact or the checker may fail to properly check the coordinates. It's a good idea for the owner to make sure the link works properly and the correct coordinates return a positive result.

Usage for Puzzle Solver
Simply follow the link from the cache page and enter the coordinates to be checked in the appropriate boxes. Press the button. The script will tell the solver if his solution is correct or not.

In case you're wondering how secure this script is or if the person who hosts it can get the coordinates, not to worry. This script was written intentionally to prevent direct analysis as it uses a one-way hash. The only way to attack it is brute strength. In other words, try every combination until the solution is presented. Considering there's approximately 2.8 million unique coordinates in a one mile radius, that's a lot of trying. :)

Cache Name:
° . N S
° . W E